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Further books in this series:

Studies to examine astrological theories and methods


Astrological theories often are derived from only a small spectrum of horoscopes. But in order to claim validity, they must be verified in a large number of horoscopes.

This needs several prerequisites:

The astrological data must be reliably investigated and, as far as possible, found reliable according to events.

The horoscopes should stem from well known persons. Their dates of life can be proved and completed in literature and internet.

This compilation of assured horoscopes facilitates the study of medically interested astrologers as well as physicians working with astrology, to validate the often contradictory astromedical theories and also to develop their own reliable methods.



January 2016

Vol. 3: Astromedicine II - Cancer Diseases

Contains diverse astromedical theories and methods to diagnose the disposition for cancer.

More than 1000 horoscopes offer plenty of material to examine hypotheses and possibly to enunciate more appropiate ones.
The horoscopes are arranged according to their different classes with important dates of their triggering like times of diagnosis, treatment, death.

A separate chapter contains horoscopes of cancer survivors.